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about us

Island in the Son exemplifies the motto "Come as you are." That motto is about more than just what a person wears, it is about who, what, and where we are or have been. It is the mission of Island in the Son to serve any and all who come to the Island to live, work or play. Our faith community has a very diverse background and there is a place here for everyone. We love to sing, praise, pray, play, worship and eat together. Whether you are new to the Island, a long-time resident, or just vacationing, we would love to have you be part of our worship experiences. The motto for the United Methodist Church is "Open Hearts... Open Minds... Open Doors..." and Island in the Son is just such a place. We look forward to welcoming you into our midst.

Sunday Service starts at 10;00 A.M.

Blessings and Grace,
John P. Smith, Pastor

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